Brief Administrative Note Re: Deleted Comments

This is a general comment, but goes particularly to the person who I recently booted off a thread and subsequently sent their comments to the trash: As a point of information, when I’ve decided that you’re done with… Read More

Just Arrived, 1/19/10

Let’s see what we’ve got: * A Stain on the Silence, by Andrew Taylor. Taylor won the 2009 Cartier Diamond Dagger from the UK’s Crime Writer’s Association, which is going to be awesome in an upcoming game of… Read More

A Small Piece of Advice to Hopeful “Big Idea” Participants

It is: Query first, and don’t write up a Big Idea piece until/unless you have a confirmed date from me. Why? Because there are going to be times when I say “sorry, no space,” and you’ll have written… Read More

The Big Idea: Mark Teppo

Got faith? This question is more complicated than it seems here in our world — and in the world of Mark Teppo’s Codex of Souls series, of which the newly-released Heartland is the second installment, it’s even more… Read More