Dude. Whoa. Just, Like, Whoa.

Just for perspective, everything I’ve ever written and everything I am ever likely to write in my entire life will fit onto this thumb drive. Several times over. On one hand, it’s weird to consider one’s life’s work… Read More

Cherie Priest on Authorial Control

Want to know what aspects of the writing and publishing industry your average book author has control over? Sure you do. Well, Cherie Priest is here to tell you which they are in this useful and interesting essay… Read More

A Reminder Regarding Political Prognostications

Because everyone, including me, has thoughts about what last night’s elections means for the 2010 vote ten months from now: Ten months ago, everyone assumed the GOP was doomed for several political cycles. Ten months before that, there… Read More

Judge Sn: The Abridged Audio Version

Hey there, kids! I and Subterranean Press have got a present for you: An abridged audio version of “Judge Sn Goes Golfing,” the short story of mine set in the universe of The Android’s Dream, which was published… Read More

Political Thoughts Before Bed

Slightly rambly as I’m running on a deficit of sleep. * First, of course, it does seem that the Democratic ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory seems wholly undiminished. Depending on one’s personal politics, you… Read More