Knowing When Not to Bigfoot Someone

Someone local to me did something that annoyed me, and I wrote a post about it. And then after I wrote I realized that what this person did, did not rate me venting to 40,000+ people about it,… Read More

A Birthday Tune

In honor of my friend Deven’s birthday today, here’s a Thomas Dolby song he likes: I also got him a mathematical proof, but the margins here are to small to express it. Maybe for Christmas.

The Awesome Yet Terrifying Power of Abba Zaba

Behold the Abba Zaba, a taffy candy bar. Also behold one of Athena’s teeth, which had been loose. The tooth met the Abba Zabba, and the taffy adherence power of the candy yanked the tooth right out of… Read More

TGE Review at SFReviews.net, Plus a Bonus Childhood Story

SFReviews.net has published a complimentary review of The God Engines, which includes this blurb-worthy bit: In its surprising final third, when assumptions are overturned, beliefs are challenged, and our heroes’ sense of what’s right and wrong in the… Read More

The Big Idea: N.K. Jemisin

Author N.K. Jemisin has a lot to be excited about today: Yesterday saw the release of her debut novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and the book is getting the sorts of reviews, starred and otherwise, that most debut… Read More

Today’s Irony Twofer

This direct mail solicitation from Reason to get me to subscribe to the magazine is ironic for two reasons: 1. That’s not my house they’ve circled there, it’s my neighbors, so if “they” go looking for me there,… Read More

This Manuscript Hires People

Apropos to Charlie Stross’ piece today about what goes into making a book and why it’s not just as simple as tossing out a bare manuscript to whomever might be willing to buy it, I’d like to point… Read More

Handing You Off to Charlie Stross Today

On account that Charlie is going to school you on the matter of How Books Are Made, because, as Charlie notes, the idea that the only two people needed to make a book are the author and the… Read More

Technical Note Re: E-mail

My primary e-mail address (john@scalzi.com) is likely to be down in the next couple of hours (8am – 10am Eastern, 2/25/10), as I’m busy fiddling with it. Don’t be surprised if any mail you send me during that… Read More

Video Games Into SF Movies

Over at AMC this week, I’m looking at science fictional video games I think could make decent movies — if they could avoid that thing Hollywood does to video games when it makes them into movies. Yeah, you… Read More

Just Once I Wish I Could Have a Normal Picture of Me and My Daughter

Well, actually, no. No I don’t. There’s something very “Community theater version of Dracula” about this picture, isn’t there? It’s really a picture of us before her school’s father-daughter dance last weekend. A rather less dramatic picture of… Read More

Zeus Works on His Cheshire Cat Trick

Hmmm. Not quite there yet.

The Big Idea: David Louis Edelman

Hey: Do you like your life? If your answer is “sure, but it could always be better,” then David Louis Edelman would like a word with you. Edelman is thinking about humans and their capacity for dissatisfaction, and… Read More

Signed Chapbook for Auction at “Con or Bust”

Hey, remember how I was telling you about the French language chapbook of my story, “After the Coup?” Well, I’m auctioning off a signed copy over at Con or Bust, which is LiveJournal group set up to help… Read More

Stargate Universe: I’m Back For Season Two

I’ve been sitting on this news for a bit and suddenly realized that, hey, there’s no reason to be sitting on it: I’ve been asked, and have agreed, to continue as the Creative Consultant for Stargate: Universe for… Read More

The God Engines: Hugo Consideration Edition

First, because I know this will come up: Yes, Subterranean Press and I are working on an official electronic version of The God Engines for everyone else. Patience, please. Second, I’ve been led to understand by numerous e-mail… Read More

USA Today Piece on Science Fiction and the Oscars

I point to it because I am quoted in it. Yes, I am just that self-serving. But it’s a pretty good article, even without the bit I provided. I was interviewed for the piece while I was loitering… Read More

Just Arrived, 2/22/10

Look what the cat dragged in: * White Cat, by Holly Black (Margaret K. McElderry): Holly’s latest YA, featuring a good kid in a family of black magic con men, drawn unwillingly into one of their schemes. We’re… Read More

The Big Idea: Robert McCammon

Surprise! While usually I post one or two Big Ideas a week, this week there are three. Because sometimes I overcommit. Hey, it happens. It’s not like it’s a bad thing. Especially in this case, because this week’s… Read More

One Star Reviews Revisited

Because I think in the wake of Nebula and Norton nominations it’s relevant to do so, here are some snippets of one star reviews of my recent work, via Amazon: The God Engines: It is hard to believe… Read More