Just Arrived, 2/1/10

Even in the midst of a publishing industry fracas, new and upcoming books make their way to the Scalzi Compound. Here’s today’s stack: * Dragon Keeper, by Robin Hobb (Eos): First book in “The Rain Wilds Chronicles,” Hobb’s… Read More

Procedural Notes, 2/1/10

Couple of things: 1. Today’s traffic is the highest it’s been since I moved Whatever to the WordPress VIP backend, and it’s not quite yet 2pm. Damn, y’all. However, Ghlaghghee partisans will be glad to know Bacon Cat… Read More

And Now, For Those Who Need It, For Whatever Reason: A Picture of My Cat

Ghlaghghee believes this is all very silly indeed. As well she should.

Seriously? Now They’re Just Being Dicks

On one hand, Amazon has returned a “buy” button to the page of at least one of my Tor/Macmillan books. On the other hand, it’s to buy used copies of the book. So this is Amazon saying that… Read More

All The Many Ways Amazon So Very Failed the Weekend

Leaving aside the moral, philosophical, cultural and financial implications of this weekend’s Amazon/Macmillan slapfight and What It All Means for book readers and the future of the publishing industry, in one very real sense the whole thing was… Read More