My Secret (Failed) Media Tie-In Past

A question in e-mail that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while: I know you don’t do media tie-in novels, but have you ever been tempted to? I think a John Scalzi Star Wars novel would… Read More

Interesting Note on Marriage in the United States

There are more states that have laws on the books allowing for same-sex marriage than there are states with laws on the books allowing for “covenant marriages.” Oddly, no overlap between which states have which.

Final God Engine First Editions — Signed! — at Subterranean Press

UPDATE: All signed first editions gone! Additional, unsigned later edition copies are still available for order. Also, thank you. Last week Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press sent to me the final box of the first trade edition of… Read More

Taking the Day Off

Although considering it’s almost 3 in the afternoon, I think most of you figured that out by now. But I do want to take a moment and thank everyone who has sent along their congratulations about the Nebula… Read More

Mustaches of Years Gone By

My father sent along this picture to me, of him and my mother back in their married days, which were also coincidentally his Navy days, which means that in this picture both of them are about 20 years… Read More

And Now, a Nebula Awards Geek Out Moment

Like, I’m totally friends with loads of the Nebula nominees this year. No, seriously! I know them personally! How cool is that? I know Nebula nominees, people. They let me hang out with them. They tolerate my presence…. Read More

2009 Nebula Award Nominations

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has released the list of nominees for the 2009 Nebula, Bradbury and Norton Awards, and I’m delighted to say The God Engines and Zoe’s Tale are on the list…. Read More

Tough But Fair

Dude kicked off a flight because he was too smelly. And you know what? If you reek so bad that more than just the people next to you notice, that’s not at all unreasonable. You’re all in a… Read More

Nebula Award Nominations to Be Announced Tomorrow

Science fiction fans, try to be somewhere near a computer at 10am Eastern tomorrow, because SFWA will be making its formal announcement of this year’s nominees for the Nebula, Norton and Bradbury Awards. The Nebulas will cover novels… Read More

The Big Idea: Alex de Campi

And now for something a little different: The Big Idea focuses primarily on books and their authors, but I think it’s fun to mix things up from time to time and hear from folks trying new ways to… Read More

Inglourious Basterds: Is It Science Fiction?

That was the question I was asked on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I gave a Twitter-sized response at the time, but now I expand on the answer (considerably!) in this week’s AMC column. Go on, you… Read More

Just Arrived, 2/17/10

The UPS dude rolled up at 7:30pm with a stack of packages. What was inside? * I Am Not a Serial Killer, by Dan Wells (Tor): Well, if he’s not a serial killer, what’s that body doing behind… Read More

From the “How Cool is This” Department

A few months ago my French publisher L’Atalante asked me if they could use my short story “After the Coup” for a giveaway chapbook to promote their line (and my books). I said “sure” and then promptly forgot… Read More

Various & Sundry, 2/17/10

Bits and pieces: * You know, I haven’t been following the Olympics at all, because I don’t much actually care, but I have to say the Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s pants deserve a medal. For something. * I’m… Read More

The Cake That Refreshes

Why my neighbors are more awesome than yours: Because one of them — Alisha — made me this cake. Which is no ordinary cake. It is, in fact, a Coke Zero cake. Yes, yes. Made with the refreshing… Read More

Me Stuff, 2/16/10

Some notes: 1. I have now officially caught up with e-mail from the last two weeks, so if you’ve sent me e-mail in the last couple of weeks and was hoping for a response but did not get… Read More

Athena Wishes You a Groovy Mardi Gras

“Don’t forget to give up something for Lent!” Athena would also like to thank Whatever reader (and Krewe of Morpheus member) Charles K. Bradley for the Mardi Gras shirt and mask. They have been much admired around these… Read More

Just Arrived, 2/16/10

What came in before the snow walled us in again: * The Lost Fleet: Victorious, by Jack Campbell (Ace): Sent this in ARC form. I do believe this is the final book in the very successful “Lost Fleet”… Read More

The Big Idea: Alexey Pehov

Here we have a first for The Big Idea: Our first translated essay. Alexey Pehov writes in Russian, and in Russian, he’s done very well, winning awards and racking up sales over the last decade with his Chronicles… Read More

I Hereby Unilaterally Declare February 15th To Be International Grover Appreciation Day

Because he is The Greatest Muppet Ever. Search your heart. You know it to be true. Tell everyone you know that today is International Grover Appreciation Day. Because it is THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER. That is all. Thank… Read More