In Some Ways Admirable, In Some Ways Delusional

One of the moderately interesting things I’ve noticed about the rhetoric of those who have badgers in their pants about Obama and/or the Democrats in Congress and/or the new health care laws is how everything that happened or… Read More

In Exile

The re-finishing and recarpeting of the house continues apace, and it looks great, which is good, but it means that I’m generally on the move in the house while the carpet layers go from room to room. Which… Read More

Today’s Strangely Compelling Silliness

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, redone as the soundtrack to a Nintendo 8-bit game. Somewhere Roger Waters is shivering uncontrollably. Here’s “Time”: Enjoy it before the lawyers get to it.

Final Nebula Vote Reminder

Hey, if you’re an active member of SFWA and you haven’t voted for the Nebula Awards, you have until 11:59:59 tonight, Pacific Time, to do it. So why not do it? Voting is fun. All the cool SFWA… Read More

The Big Idea: Dan Wells

Sociopaths are not easy people to love, almost by definition. Naturally, that makes them an interesting literary challenge for authors, a challenge author Dan Wells happily takes on in I Am Not a Serial Killer, which introduces us… Read More

Just Arrived, 3/29/10

And here’s what publishers have sent me recently: * Kraken, by China Mieville (Tor UK/Del Rey (US): This was sent along by China’s UK publisher, and bless them for it; I’ve been hankering after it for a while,… Read More

Engaging in w00tstockery, June 7 in Minneapolis

Paul and Storm just announced it on their Twitter feed so I’ll note it here, too: I’m going to be a special guest at the w00tstock concert in Minneapolis, this June 7th. I’ll be joining headliners Paul &… Read More

This Week’s Geek

Artist and podcaster Len Peralta has started a project called “Geek a Week,” in which he interviews — and then makes a playing card of — a notable geek. Geeks profiled so far include Jonathan Coulton, Fred Seibert… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #8: Short Bits

And now to wrap up another Reader Request Week, short answers to a bunch of questions. Because I don’t always have to be wordy, you know. Logan: What kind of “perfect storm” of rights, permissions, or people would… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #7: Writery Bits

In which I answer some of the writing-related questions: MacBlaze: Do authors (SF especially) ever use any of the massive over-functionality built into modern word processors? Or would they be just as happy with a typewriter that erased… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #6: Depression

Womyn2me asks: Have you ever been depressed or introspective in a way that was harmful to your relationships or way of life? What did you do to find your way out of it? Do you think people would… Read More

The Big Idea: Kelly O’Connor McNees

Louisa May Alcott is the noted author of a beloved work in the American canon… and what else do we know about her? As it turns out, not as much as we might, despite the public and active… Read More

Why Obama Scares Me (In A Good, Non-Tea Baggery Sort of Way)

Obama, personally making, oh, just a few notes on a speech. Hank Steuver, of the Washington Post, notes on his own blog: A photo like this is thrilling, gratifying and also terribly frightening to anyone who delivers his… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #5: Rural Ohio, Revisited

One of the most popular topic requests this year involves me talking about where I live and how it affects me, in terms of writing, personal life and so on. This was actually a topic in the very… Read More

Column Moves; Living in Science Fiction Film Universes

Big change with my AMC column this week: It’s moved to a new site, FilmCritic.com (owned by AMC), where it will stay for the foreseeable future. And for the moment the comments to the column are off, although… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #4: Quitting Writing

Dave H asks: What would it take to convince you to quit writing? Not that I want you to quit, but I’m curious what you’d find compelling enough to make you want to change careers (in a “greener… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #3: How I Think

DeCadmus asks: John, I’m consistently impressed with how you break topical issues of the day down into their constituent parts; how you reason and make your points (and take apart others’) in your comments. I see some of… Read More

Ooooh, Pretty

Cover art for the upcoming Tor edition of METAtropolis: The artist: Peter Lutjen. And as it happens I received my ARCs for this version just yesterday. The release date for this edition: June 8. So now you know… Read More

The Big Idea: Tom Fowler

Here at The Big Idea, we’re used to hearing from the authors of books, but in the case of graphic novels, there are two creators: the writer and the artist (and here we tip our hats also to… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #2: Rewriting the Constitution

Fletcher asks: From the posts where you veer into politics, I know you’re a big fan of the US Constitution. So; Early next year a previously unknown addendum to the Constitution is discovered, and the legal repercussions mean… Read More