Why Obama Scares Me (In A Good, Non-Tea Baggery Sort of Way)

Obama, personally making, oh, just a few notes on a speech. Hank Steuver, of the Washington Post, notes on his own blog: A photo like this is thrilling, gratifying and also terribly frightening to anyone who delivers his… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #5: Rural Ohio, Revisited

One of the most popular topic requests this year involves me talking about where I live and how it affects me, in terms of writing, personal life and so on. This was actually a topic in the very… Read More

Column Moves; Living in Science Fiction Film Universes

Big change with my AMC column this week: It’s moved to a new site, FilmCritic.com (owned by AMC), where it will stay for the foreseeable future. And for the moment the comments to the column are off, although… Read More