I Can Say This Because He’s My Representative

I wonder how much of John Boehner’s righteous anger at the recently-passed health care bill is due to the fact that upon its being signed into law, there’s going to be an additional 10% tax on tanning salons…. Read More

Reader Request Week 2010 #1: Christianity and Me

All right, let’s get started with this year’s Reader Request Week, with a question from Adam, who asks: I’ve been wondering what your beliefs are pertaining to God, the supernatural, etc. From a few passages in “Old Man’s… Read More

Health Care Passage Thoughts

Because the passage of one of the most significant bills in history should not go unnoted here: I’ve been silent here about the health care issue since this entry on January 20, primarily because I didn’t have a… Read More

Ever So Slightly Ridiculous

The Playstation 3 isn’t playing nicely with the new TV for some unfathomable reason (I’ll figure it out later), and we needed a DVD player for the night’s New Moon Estrogen Spectacular, so I hooked up my desktop… Read More

Not Dead

But our TV died and I spent the day acquiring and setting up the new one. It’s a joy beyond compare, it is. I’m off – I likely won’t be back on today so asking me questions about… Read More

Peter Watts Update

Science fiction author Peter Watts has been found guilty of “assaulting, resisting and obstructing a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer.” That happened this morning. Here’s a news article on the matter. Here’s Peter’s take on it. He’s… Read More

Just Arrived, 3/19/10

Some of these are actually a few days old, but, hey, dude, my house has been a shambles for the last week, okay? Okay, then: * Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously, by Adrienne Martini (Free Press):… Read More

A Veritable Festival of White Hot Linkages (and Stuff)

Hey! There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been meaning to link all y’all to this last week, but I’ve been busy doing other things. Secret things. Things that if you knew what they were, they would change the… Read More

Interview at The Nebula Awards Site

Athena and I are both off to the dentist this morning — yes, all father-daughter outings should be so much unalloyed fun — so until I return, here, have an interview of me at the Nebula Awards site,… Read More

Because I Know More of You Enjoy Phineas and Ferb Than Will Admit in Mixed Company

The extended version of their theme song, which is actually a fun summer song. AND SUMMER IS COMING. Plan now!

Why Hollywood Gets the Future Wrong

My AMC column is out early this week (and in fact may be permanently moving to Wednesday; I have to check) and this week I’m looking at why Hollywood rarely gets the future right, or, why the Los… Read More

Reader Request Week 2010: Get Your Requests In!

As you know, Whatever is all about me: Whatever I feel like writing about, whenever I feel like writing about it. But once a year, I like to make it about the readers, by which I mean I… Read More

Messmaker, Messmaker, Make Me a Mess

Behold the front room of our house, which at the moment holds a toilet and a bathroom sink in it, both relocated from the downstairs bathroom, which today along with the front hall and at least part of… Read More

The Big Idea: Carrie Ryan

When we know something, it’s not just what we know but how we came to know it that determines how useful it is to us: How did we learn it? Is it from a trusted source? How will… Read More

The Slightly Less Temporary Temporary Office

As noted earlier, for my office I am currently waiting on a desk and bookshelves, and while I wait, rather than reintroduce the previous massive and now esthetically incompatible desk (which sits, in pieces, in the basement), I… Read More

The New Office Floor

It’s in, and I think it looks very nice. We’re still a ways off from having the office totally completed — we still have shelves and a desk to go — but now at least I can have… Read More

The Temporary Office

I’ve got about ten minutes before the contractors arrive to put down my new office floor (and in doing so likely knock me offline for most of the day) so before that happens: Here, look at my TempOffice,… Read More

(Probably) Offline Until Tuesday

When the contractors arrive tomorrow I am likely to be knocked offline for most of the day. I know. I’m scared too. Expect delays in e-mail responses and such.

The Definition of Last Minute

The folks handling the Hugos this year asked me to remind all y’all that you have until midnight Pacific time tonight to get in your Hugo nominations (that’ll be 4 am Eastern, because of the time switch), so… Read More

In the Kingdom of the Worms

It’s raining and the ground is saturated with water and so the earthworms have erupted from the very soil and headed to our garage, which is not saturated with water, but is now saturated with earthworms. The cats… Read More