Asimov’s Accepting Electronic Submissions

w00t! Here’s the news from Asimov’s editor Sheila Williams: Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine is now accepting electronic submissions. Authors should read our manuscript guidelines at http://www.asimovs.com/info/guidelines.shtml before submitting material online. Online submissions of stories and poetry can be… Read More

The Big Idea: Mira Grant

Oh Noes! It’s the Zombie Apocalypse™! It’s the end of the world! Yes, yes, Mira Grant said, zombies, end of the world, blah blah blah. Been there. Done that. Got the bloody t-shirt. But what comes after the… Read More

Quick Romantic Times Recap

I had a one-day, zoom-in, zoom out appearance at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Columbus today and aside from yet more driving added to my already prodigious weekly tally, it was actually a very good time —… Read More

Marjorie Liu’s New Video Game

I am off to the Romance Times Booklover’s Convention, at which I will do panels and sign books (and before the uninformed among you snicker, note that I am the recipient of a Romantic Times Critics Choice Award… Read More

The New Desk

Got home from my LA travels this week to discover the new desk had arrived and been set up in the office: Those of you with memory will note the desk is considerably smaller than my previous work… Read More

Science Fiction Film Summer Preview

Whilst I am winging my way across this great country of ours (presuming you are from in the United States — this statement not applicable in all the other 200+ nations in the world), here’s something to keep… Read More

Early Wednesday Morning Check In

Well, the thing I came to California to do is done, and it went pretty well, if I do say so myself, and I’m sure I will tell you about it when I can tell you about it,… Read More

Today’s Good News

Peter Watts won’t be serving any jail time. The article does suggest that he’s not going to be able to cross the border any more, however. Which does suck. Now to get to work on that presidential pardon.

Update on Me

I’m in LA. I’m here on business. No, it’s not on movie business. No, I can’t tell you what business. But when I can you’ll agree it’s pretty damn cool. How are you?

Two SFWA-Related Links

Because, you know, SFWA. First, Cory Doctorow praises the SFWA Grievance Committee (“Griefcom”) for helping him get paid for work. The details of the story are over there, but this is a relevant quote: Many people ask what… Read More

The Big Idea: J.A. Pitts

Sometimes when you write a character, the character don’t just meekly walk off the page when you’re done with the story; they stick around, poking at you and saying “hey, I’m still here. What now?” J.A. Pitts concocted… Read More

Today’s Thing I Just Don’t Quite Understand

Water softeners. You put salt in, but you don’t get salty water out. It confuses me, it does.

The New Netbook

Here it is: If it looks familiar, there’s  a reason: it’s another Acer Aspire One, the brand of netbook I had before. Why? It’s cheap, it’s functional for what I want a netbook to do, and I liked… Read More

Toronto Recap

So, how did my trip to Toronto go? Quick recap: 1. The Friends of the Merril Collection offered to pay for a plane ticket, but I ended up driving because I had other travel coming up which might… Read More

Merril Update; More Travel

My little netbook seems to have kicked it, so this update is from the iPod and will be brief. In short the Merril talk went well, I think, and the people were lovely and fun to be with…. Read More

The Big Idea: Leah Cypess

Most books have a “Big Idea” to them — but that doesn’t mean that idea makes itself obvious to the writer from the start. Sometimes the writer has to go exploring for it, trying different things with their… Read More

In Toronto

And posting the obligatory “view out my hotel window” picture: Delighted to say the trip in was pleasantly uneventful, which is what you want when engaging in international travel. Now to catch up on e-mail and to free… Read More

Your “Hey I’m Traveling” Pimp Thread

I’ll be heading inching toward Toronto most of the way, so while I’m away, why not take the opportunity to suggest something cool to the rest of the folks around here? Could be a book, some music, a… Read More

Can Michael Bay Do Romantic Comedy?

And if he could, should he? This is the question essayed in this week’s AMC column. You know you have an opinion on this topic, so leave it over there in the comments.

Heading Down Under

For those of you who have been staying up nights wondering whether I would show up at AussieCon4, go take a nap: Yes, I plan on going. No, I have no more details at the moment — I… Read More