Reminder: SG:U is Back! Tonight! At Nine! On Syfy!

Or, if you want to be Canadian about it: SG:U is back! Tonight! At Nine! On Space! Either way, don’t want to miss out on all the science fictional goodness. And aliens! Because there will be aliens. Oh,… Read More

The Big Idea: Jetse de Vries

Is there reason to believe the future will be a better place than the present? It’s certainly possible, but often science fiction writers skip over that part because, let’s face it, writing dystopias and world threatening problems is… Read More

Tom Becker

The fellow you see in the picture above is Tom Becker. In 1991, I got my first full-time professional writing gig, as a movie critic for the Fresno Bee newspaper. Tom was the Assistant Features Editor there, which… Read More