No, I Don’t Have One

E-mail from a reader on a couple of topics, one of them which was the iPad, his comment about which I will now excerpt (with permission): I’m a little surprised you don’t have the iPad already. It seems… Read More

Yes, This

Conservative senator tells constituents to read widely and not just rely on media with their own biases: [Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom] Coburn urged audience members to widen their points of view by reading and watching different media outlets,… Read More

State of Me

First: A nice spring picture, featuring Kodi: Second: A status report on the events in my house: I’m delighted to say that with one major exception, the house renovations are done: All of the house has new carpets… Read More

The Big Idea: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Say you’re an author and you want your publishers to do something they have no intention of doing. How do you get them to do it — and think it was their bright idea to begin with? Susan… Read More