Quick Fuzzy Nation Addendum

It has been the droll observation of several that in writing Fuzzy Nation, what I’ve really done is write H. Beam Piper fan fiction. My thought on that: Well, it is fiction, I am a fan, and I… Read More

The Super Secret Thing That I Cannot Tell You About, Revealed: Introducing Fuzzy Nation

So, that Super Secret Thing That I Cannot Tell You About? I can tell you about it now. It’s a novel, and it’s called Fuzzy Nation, and it’s a reboot of the Hugo-nominated 1962 science fiction novel Little… Read More

On How Many Times I Should Get Paid For a Book (By Readers)

Randy Cohen, who writes the “Ethicist” column at the New York Times, caused a minor fracas this week when he told someone who had purchased a hardcover copy of Stephen King’s Under the Dome and then also downloaded… Read More

Film’s Most Successful SF Writer

Over at Filmcritic.com today I’m asked who film’s most successful science fiction writer might be. The answer comes in two flavors: The most successful recent writer (as in, the last 50 years) and all time. The answer to… Read More