19 thoughts on “Speaking of Little Fuzzies

  1. “Dear Ceiling Cat, if yur listning, pleez send mor birdz to crash into window. kthnxamen.”

    P.S. Nice pic.

  2. That appears to be the “imaginary bug on ceiling” look. Or possibly an attempt at haiku.

    dust mote floats on breeze
    Lopsided cat is intent
    the universe stops

    What, you wanted timerless interpretation when I’m busting this out while I should be working?


  3. O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of Mighty Lopsided Cat.

    Mighty He dominates the frame, is perfectly centered, and is in focus with good depth of field.

    Obviously you didn’t take the picture.

    The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club demands an equally high quality image of Magnificent She be taken and displayed immediately.

    We further demand that Athena be tasked with this, as she clearly is more suited for it.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  4. I got bored, and Athena is the next Ansel Adams, so I decided to shoop. I hope you don’t mind. <:

  5. another feline haiku:

    Hunger in my eyes,
    Were I larger, you’d be food,
    happy fuzzy thoughts.

  6. Thanks HerrSnibbens,
    I didn’t want to be the only one

    We see through the roof
    all the humans are clueless
    where are my minions?

  7. Love Louise’s comment (#1). Gorgeous photo. Way to go, Athena! Now, Mr. Scalzi, you just need to show Athena how you can “clean” a window without actually cleaning it with one of those nifty retouching features. I clean my carpet that way all the time. Who needs to vacuum? Don’t tell my husband I said that.

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