Yet Another Reminder That When You Call Obama a Socialist Actual Socialists Think You’re Ignorant as a Gerbil

Here you go. Of course, it’s just like a Socialist to say Obama’s not a Socialist! They’re covering for him! Like Socialists do.

Birthday Parties Come and Go But Therapy is Forever

Arguably the single worst child’s birthday party idea in the history of man. Warning: Not Safe For Coulrophobics. Or pretty much anyone else. But especially them. Oh, Google it, people. On the other hand, if you are Coulrophobic,… Read More

Questions for Orbit, Re: Its New Digital Short Fiction Program

First, for context, this press release, from Orbit (US), the science fiction arm of publisher Hachette: Orbit, the Science Fiction and Fantasy imprint of Hachette Book Group, announces a digital short fiction publishing program launching later this year…. Read More