Can Michael Bay Do Romantic Comedy?

And if he could, should he? This is the question essayed in this week’s AMC column. You know you have an opinion on this topic, so leave it over there in the comments.

Heading Down Under

For those of you who have been staying up nights wondering whether I would show up at AussieCon4, go take a nap: Yes, I plan on going. No, I have no more details at the moment — I… Read More

MFAs, Writing and Teacher Guilt

Via Galleycat, today we learn that bestselling author Lionel Shriver doubts the value of an MFA degree, even thought she has one herself (and from Columbia, to boot): I can’t say that I regret it exactly…  But I… Read More

A Note I Probably Should Have Posted Prior to Wednesday

It is: Hey, because of travel and other non-stare-at-teh-Intarweebs commitments, my posting schedule here for the next couple of weeks is likely to be light and/or the postings will be short. I know! Real life! How dare it… Read More