Oh Crap, I’m Connecting Through O’Hare

I have never once managed to make a connecting flight at O’Hare on Memorial Day. Never. We’ll see what happens this year. See you all on the other side. Update, 11:51am: What? My flight out of Phoenix has… Read More

Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi Fan Fiction Contest to Benefit the Lupus Alliance of America

To begin, behold this exquisite illustration, created by request by artist Jeff Zugale: Yes, yes, I know. Hold on a minute and I’ll explain. But first: Short Form: For the benefit of the Lupus Alliance of America, John… Read More

Oh, And…

If you’re not doing anything else with your time today at about 7pm Eastern time/4pm Pacific, pop over here again. Trust me.

Status Update: Sunday Morning

First, dig the bacon scarf, crocheted for me by this wonderful person and given to me after my panel yesterday. It’s notable for a) being very cool, and b) being something related to bacon which I do not… Read More

Status Update: Saturday Morning

Friday at the Phoenix Comicon went very well, I have to say. Both of my panels — one on Stargate Universe and one on bad designs in science fiction universe — were very well attended, and the latter… Read More

Status Update: Friday, Noonish

For all of those who just can’t live, if living is without me: My epically bad travel karma decided not to exhibit itself yesterday and I got in Phoenix without any particular problems, which just means that when… Read More

The Nicest Sports Story You’ll Read Today

You’ll get all teary. Or your money back! (hat tip)

The Big Idea: David J. Williams

Everything you know about war is going to change… someday. We know that because it always has before; we’re not fighting wars today like we fought them 70 or 90 years ago, and those were fought differently than… Read More

Public Art

A fun mobile at the Dayton airport: The paper airplanes here are actually made of newspaper. I suspect the entire cost of the mobile might be $6.38. But it’s cool looking in real life.

Off to Phoenix

Which means a day of travel and other transportive delights. So I’m likely out of here for the day, although as always in situations like these keep an eye on the Twitter feed for updates on my purgatorial… Read More

Sunset, 5/26/10

Now with extra added thundercloud.

German METAtropolis Cover

I think it’s pretty. It’s also the first German cover of a work of mine (or in this case, a co-work) that doesn’t feature a laser-shooting spacecraft. So that’s cool, too. For those of you who are wondering,… Read More

The Big Idea: Robin Becker

Zombies: Very popular in literature these days. But there’s a (zombie) elephant in the room here: In all of zombie literature, there is one person whose needs, wants and desires are woefully underarticulated — yea, hardly a shuffling… Read More

3D Movie Prices — IN 3D!!!

Last weekend’s relatively soft box office opening for Shrek Forever After gives me an excuse in my FilmCritic.com column to complain about 3D movies yet again — this time on the topic of the increasingly ridiculous prices theaters… Read More

The Wife is Strangely Unconvinced I Will Return Her New iPad

But I only wanted to take a picture of it for the blog. I swear. However, any further attempt to extricate said iPad would result in my arm being removed at the socket and me being beaten to… Read More

Once Upon a Time Judy Blume’s 401(k) Went Belly Up and George Lucas Wanted to Help

For certain values of “help,” mind you. No, I don’t know what Judy Blume did to deserve me doing this to her. George Lucas, of course, is another story. Try to imagine the text! No, you know what,… Read More

Pictures, 5/24/10

Because I had my camera whilst out and about. Larger versions are here.

Apropos to Absolutely Nothing at All

It occurs to me that with the exception of Agent to the Stars, The Rough Guide to Money Online and two short stories, every one of my books and all of my short fiction has been to date… Read More

My Phoenix Comicon Schedule

As most of you know, this weekend I will be in Arizona as a writer Guest of Honor at the Phoenix Comicon, at which I’ll be doing all sorts of various things, most of them legal, not all… Read More

The Big Idea: Vicki Pettersson

Vicki Pettersson is in the enviable position of having a successful urban fantasy series with her “Signs of the Zodiac” books, of which the latest, Cheat the Grave, is the fifth. But when any series goes out to… Read More