Iron Man 2 Questions

A tiny indie film called Iron Man 2 is coming out this Friday, and who knows, maybe it will show up at a theater near you. Maybe. In the meantime, over at AMC’s FilmCritic.com, I field a couple… Read More

The Big Idea: Ellen Datlow

William Gibson famously said “the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” This fact is evident in the world of electronic publishing: with the arrival of the iPad, Kindle and Nook, many folks believe that we’re at… Read More

A Money Entry of Sorts

A question from the peanut gallery: You’ve had a couple of entries over the years where you’ve talked about how much money you make as a writer. Are you still open to talking about that and breaking down… Read More

Author Pokes Fanfic Hive! Film at 11!

The author in question being Diana Gabaldon. Naturally, Fandom Wank has the most interesting wrap-up of the tizzy, with its patented snarklicious comment threads. Also of interest: Kate Nepveu’s open letter to professionally-published authors who despise fanfic of… Read More