Very Vaguely Related to Previous Entries Today

I suspect it’s a carefully designed hoax, but even if it is, it’s still cool.

Thing I Did Today Some Might Think Out of Character (But Isn’t)

Which is: Pulled the Bible down off the shelf, read a passage to my daughter and then discussed it with her for a good long time. Which passage? This one. Why? Because Jesus had some smart things to… Read More

Just Arrived, 5/7/10

Once again, many of these didn’t actually just arrive; some of these showed up whilst I was traipsing about the North American continent recently. But hey! I’m all about catching up! * For the Win, by Cory Doctorow… Read More

The Big Idea: Maurice Broaddus

Brothers and sisters, do you have faith? Writer and editor Maurice Broaddus would suggest to you that you do, whether you think you do or not. And it’s that sometimes evanescent nature of the thing that infuses Dark… Read More