11 thoughts on “Oh, And…

  1. Did you mean Eastern Standard Time, or Eastern Daylight Time? Because Ohio’s in Daylight Savings, but Arizona isn’t. Buckley had it right, set your watch to GMT and do local conversions as needed.

  2. 1) SFWA self-coup a la Fujimori
    2) In N’ Out starts franchising and expands to rural Ohio; first franchisee is…?
    3) SyFy channel mandates adding “cute” creatures to its shows; delicious-smelling “Pseudofelis hypernitratus” discovered in previously sealed-off section of Destiny early next season.

  3. I’m sure if I note here that you’re 4 minutes overdue, it will make whatever it is appear by the time my screen refreshes.

    Except that I’m trying to make that happen, which means it won’t. Or it will, now that I’ve said it won’t. Quit messing with my head, Scalzi!

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