Off Today

Entire right arm hurts (slept on it wrong) and that makes typing twinge-y. So taking the day off the computer. See you tomorrow.

Just Arrived, 5/22/10

Some of what’s arrived here in the last week: * Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: The World’s Gone Crazy (Bathroom Reader’s Press): People occasionally ask me if I still do writing for the Uncle John’s books, and the answer… Read More

Product Placement

Yes, folks, I knew that Old Man’s War would get a cameo in tonight’s episode of Stargate Universe. It was very kind of them to give it one.

The Rand Paul Conundrum

Question in e-mail: Any thoughts on Rand Paul? Yeah: I suspect Rand Paul will have to decide whether he wants to be libertarian, or if he wants to be elected. I think we’ve already gotten a bit of… Read More

One Small Detail Regarding The Big Idea

In my wanderings out there on the great big electronic Web-like thingie we call, uh, the Web, yesterday I saw someone praising The Big Idea and saying that she could always rely on the book recommendations I make… Read More

And What Does It Say About Me That My Response Is To Haul Out An Obscure 12″ Version of an Equally Obscure 80s Synth-Pop Song

Oh, probably that as a science fiction writer, I’ve been standing around, tapping my foot and thinking “about damn time”: Scientists Create First Self-Replicating Synthetic Life And now, that promised obscure remix: Enjoy.

The Big Idea: Paolo Bacigalupi

So, Paolo Bacigalupi is having kind of a good month. Just this last weekend, his novel The Windup Girl was awarded the Nebula Award for Best Novel, the Nebula Award being one of the two highest awards in… Read More

Today’s ZOMFG Moment

A capella “Master of Puppets”: Yeah. I know, man. Ganked from here.

Modern Marriage

There’s an interesting interview in Salon today of author Tara Parker-Pope, who has written a book on marriage, called For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage, in which the author looks into the science of what makes… Read More

The Final Frontier, in Film and in Real Life

FilmCritic.com has gotten its technical issues resolved, and this week’ science fiction film column is back at the correct day, which is a relief. This week, I use the occasion of last Friday’s shuttle launch to muse on… Read More

Why “Punishing the Publisher” Usually Doesn’t

So, let’s say you’re a reader (which, because you are here, is a reasonable assumption to make). There is an author who has come to your attention and whose work you’re considering purchasing — but then something that… Read More

For Those of You Who Missed the Live Show

Here’s a Web video of the Nebula Awards, starting with David Levine’s excellent keynote address about going to Mars. If you go to 43:18 in the video, you’ll see Toastmaster Alan Steele introduce me and then me give… Read More

The Big Idea: Greg Van Eekhout

There are not a lot of books I am inclined to like just on title alone, but I have to tell you, Kid vs. Squid is one of them. Because, come on! Kids! Squids! You can’t lose. Fortunately,… Read More

Some Notes on Being Elected President of SFWA

So, as most of you are aware of by now, I was elected to be the incoming president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), and will ascend to the organization’s board of directors on… Read More

Also, to Catch Everyone Up Fully

In case you haven’t seen it, the list of this year’s Nebula Award winners, and who’s been newly elected to the SFWA board of directors (including me). In the latter case, we take office July 1.The Nebula winners… Read More

SciFi Birthday Wishes

Due to some technical issues my Filmcritic.com column came out a little late, but hey, better late than never, correct? So here it is: Some things I would wish for my birthday, as regards science fiction film. It… Read More

Quick Nebula Recap

This will be quick because it’s 3:30am and man, I’m tired: Norton Award: Didn’t win, Cat Valente did, which makes me really happy because Cat’s a friend of mine, and she’s awesome; Nebula for Novella: Also didn’t win,… Read More

Busy Busy Busy

I’ve already had several meetings today and will have more, and then I have to get dressed up and go to the Nebulas. So: Busy! Will see you all tomorrow. But in the meantime, please to enjoy this… Read More

The Big Idea: Alaya Johnson

Vampires occupy a special place in modern literature, and are often used allegorically by authors to cast a light on current social issues and inequities. But does this allegory run the risk of minimizing the same social issues… Read More

The Greatest Poll of All

Something to keep you occupied whist I am off the Internets today: Just in case you need help: Don’t say I don’t love you, man.