Canadians! They’re Everywhere!

In my FilmCritic.com column this week, I get a jump on Canada Day by saluting some of the Canadians who have made science fiction film so darn ginchy for the last few decades. Yes! There are Canadians in… Read More

The Full-Time SF Novelist: Probably Not as Endangered as You Think

In e-mail, I’m asked if I have any comments about Robert J. Sawyer’s recent blog post, in which he worries that within a decade, it will be impossible to make a living solely as a science fiction novelist…. Read More

Summer Schedule + Upcoming Hiatus Announcement

Here’s the deal: Starting tomorrow I become President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and because what SFWA is doing on the board level doesn’t conveniently snip off when one board tenure ends and another… Read More

Just Arrived, 6/29/10

Speaking of the “Just Arrived” feature, I am totally behind on it, because a) first I was traveling, b) then I was catching up on work from travel and then c) I got distracted by shiny bits of… Read More

Why, Yes, I Still Actually Buy Books

Whilst out and about this morning, running errands, I stopped by Jay and Mary’s Book Center, because since I noted yesterday that they often had signed stock of mine, I figured I should go in and actually, you… Read More

The Big Idea: Larry Doyle

The 50s were an archetypal time, both for America and for science fiction, but more than half a century later, does that era have anything to say to our own? Larry Doyle was minding his own business when… Read More

My Autographing Policy

I swear I already wrote something like this here, but I can’t seem to find it, so I’m doing one of those “write now for future reference” posts, spurred on by the fact that in the space of… Read More

Green Giveaway: Act Quickly! (UPDATE: All Gone Now)

Edit, 12:45pm: Well, that was quick. All copies are taken. Thanks! And now, a message from Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer: As many of you know, our pal Jay Lake has been undergoing cancer treatment. The great news… Read More

I’ll Tell You For the Last Time

Just a reminder for those of you with literary bents: 1. You have just two days (er, after today) to get in your Unicorn Pegasus Kitten fanfic. 2. You also have the same amount of time to get… Read More

Scenes From a Summer Thunderstorm


Hay Bales: A Sunday Photo Essay

Because they were there. How was your Sunday?

The Android’s Dream Wins the Kurd Lasswitz Preis

This was a nice thing to have woken up to: The German translation of my novel The Android’s Dream has been awarded the Kurd Lasswitz Preis in the Best Foreign Novel category, a science fiction prize that is… Read More

Sunset 6/26/10

Thought I’d share this at the last minute: And now, on to Sunday.

What We’re Doing With Our Saturday

This: Also, this: In case you were wondering.

I Have Houseguests!

And they’re under the impression that because they are actually physically here, I should pay attention to them. I know! What nerve. Nevertheless, I will oblige them, this one time. See you all tomorrow.

The Fantasy of Modern Technology, and the Reality

I love the fact I live in a time where video teleconferencing exists. It makes me feel like I’m having a virtual meeting — on the moon! Oh, wait, that’s just server lag. Sigh. Never mind.

Back in MY Day, We Got One Blog Post a Day, and We Called It THE NEWSPAPER

Looked up from what I was doing today and discovered it was 6pm and thought, crap, I totally haven’t updated Whatever since this morning, and then was seized by guilt until I realized, hey, I’m doing this for… Read More

The Big Idea: Meg Gardiner

The American tradition of political paranoia isn’t new — just ask Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, circa 1800 — but that doesn’t mean the latest version of it can’t be annoying to those of us living through it…. Read More

Spontaneously Appearing Cake: A Poll

Went out yesterday to pick up the new chaise lounge for the office, and when I returned cake had spontaneously appeared at my door. How did it happen? You tell me! The one alternate explanation is that my… Read More

Unicorn Pegasus Kitten in Song Form

Science fiction balladeer John Anealio has written a song to go with the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten painting. You will go here now and listen to it. AND THEN YOU WILL DOWNLOAD IT AND TREASURE IT UNTIL THE END… Read More