Why, Yes, I DO Look Insufferably Smug Here, Don’t I

Me and the fabulous Felicia Day having our picture taken at Geek Prom. She looks lovely, of course. I look like a prom dance chaperone. We were joking about how I needed to go around and tell people… Read More

Because the Fan Club Has Had Quite Enough of That “Patience” Nonsense

Ghlaghghee, staring heroically toward our glorious future, or, “Comrades! Wonderful news! The cat food ration has been increased to 20 grams!” Now stay tuned for the Two Second Catfight, featuring Zeus.

About That Miranda Supreme Court Ruling

I’m confused about it, basically. The ruling says that suspects must announce that they choose to remain silent in order to halt an interrogation. Which on one hand is irony of a particularly rich and creamy sort, but… Read More

Quick Note to Authors/Editors/Publicists Wanting a Big Idea Slot

Really, please do read the Big Idea submission requirements before asking to participate. I have that system for a reason, i.e., because it helps me schedule and helps me schedule books near their release date, and it helps… Read More

The Head of John Scalzi Demands Blood

While I was at Phoenix Comicon, at my signing table I occasionally sat next to Sam Sykes, author of the fantasy novel Tome of the Undergates, which will have its US debut this summer from Pyr Books. As… Read More

Revealing the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten + Sunday/Monday Recap

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to have been at Phoenix Comicon this last weekend, here’s the part of the Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil in which we unveil the Unicorn Pegasus… Read More