The Enduring Power of Bacon Cat

Via Lissa Angeline, I discover this very amusing inside joke from the ThinkGeek printed catalog, in their ad copy for Baconnaise: If for some inexplicable reason you have no idea why this is so funny, go here. I… Read More

Wheaton/Scalzi Contest Addendum Entry Post Thing

Thought I’d go ahead and post a follow-up here to address some comments/questions I’ve gotten about our little contest: * One question I’ve gotten is whether the contest is open only to folks who have previously written fan… Read More

Good Luck, Paul Cornell And Pulse!

The pilot for my friend Paul Cornell’s television show Pulse goes up tonight on BBC 3 at 9pm (in the UK), and so if you happen to be in a place where you can see BBC 3, do… Read More

The Big Idea: Ryk E. Spoor

As a genre, science fiction is often lauded for its “sense of wonder” — or as many of its practitioners prefer to spell it, “sensawunda” — but like any aspect of writing, this element doesn’t just show up… Read More