Athena’s Pickle Juice Adventure

1. Athena idly wonders what, in fact, a shot of pickle juice might taste like: 2. Enabled Encouraged by her idiot loving father, our young adventurer soon has a shot glass filled with briny liquid. 3. Down the… Read More

Sci-Fi Rides I’d Cruise In

The rather astounding amount of travel I’ve had recently has put me in a mind to think about cool rides from science fiction films, so for my FilmCritic.com column this week, I’ve written about which science fictional conveyances… Read More

My METAtropolis “World Without Oil” Haiku Contest Winner

It is from Wendell Shank, because I giggle every time the image it provides pops up in my head: Mennonite cousins Laugh at my rookie attempts; I’m a buggy noob! In other news, “Buggy N00b” is the name… Read More

The Big Idea: Stacia Kane

Sometimes a ghost is just a ghost — that is, a dead soul wandering about the world without having moved on, and occasionally breaking things or scaring people. But sometimes a ghost is something else entirely: evidence that… Read More