Taking the Weekend Off

Because isn’t that what weekends are for? See you Monday.

10 Comments on “Taking the Weekend Off

  1. Tell that to ALL the people who’re working right now

  2. MrMaigo – Unless those people work 7 days a week, their weeks start on different days, and they have different weekends.

  3. You know, if you keep taking time off like this, people are going to suspect that you have a life. What happens to your nerd cred then?

  4. No, they’re not. They are for my second job that I despise, but which pays too well to quit.

  5. weekends are for attending the north west pinball and game room show, and seeing tons of cool stuff.

  6. Right now weekends are for writing my contest entry.

  7. OK, fine, I’m all about weekends off. But now it’s Monday, and still no new content. Feed us! Feee-hee-eee-eeed uusssss! [sobbing whimper]

  8. It’s still Sunday in Samoa (but not for long!)