What We’re Doing With Our Saturday


Also, this:

In case you were wondering.

15 Comments on “What We’re Doing With Our Saturday

  1. Oh, bubbles; I get it. At first glance I thought your houseguests were characters from a Miyazaki cartoon.

  2. Makes my haircut, purchase of a new microwave, and chicken vindaloo for lunch, cooked in said microwave, and followed, naturally, by lager, seem dull by comparison.

    I have evening plans, but they don’t involve bubbles. Sigh.

  3. I spent a while last weekend trying to get good bubble pictures and didn’t get anything even half so nice! Good job, Mr Scalzi!

  4. John, just curious, do you mow your own lawn? Looks perfect!

  5. Ken #11

    If I remember correctly, John’s father-in-law mows the lawn.

  6. Good bubbles. I had one of those but one of the teenagers broke it. I must buy another one and keep it away from the teenager. Then the toddler can have some fun. I have a cat that loves to meow at the bubbles.

    You must have one of those ride-on lawnmowers, right? Tractor possibly? That’s a lot of acreage.

  7. What is that item that’s making the bubbles? Not familiar with it.