Reminder: Vote for the Hugos

The final day for voting for the Hugos is less than two weeks away now (it is in fact the final day of the month), so this is my own self-interested reminder for you to vote if you have a Worldcon membership, and that if you don’t, but would like to, it’s still not too late to get either a full or supporting membership (complete with access to the Hugo Voter’s Packet). There are some fine works up for consideration in every category, so, really, you’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s tough, I know. But I believe in you! And I know that’s important to you.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: Vote for the Hugos

  1. Do I have to host an Australian if I only do the minimum membership? Because my landlady just got rid of the last one – her ex-husband – and I doubt she’d like one just trundling in on its blundstones, begging for Foster’s and a barbie (q).

    Wish I could go. But I doubt I’d ever return.

  2. Thanks John K, aah memories….

    Chang for days – No official requirement for hosting but it is always appreciated! My best man was the 1992 DUFF winner.

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