Sunset, 7/20/10

Here’s my secret: My office has a west-facing window, which makes it easy to see whether I need to grab my camera on any particular evening. Tonight: Yes, camera.

11 Comments on “Sunset, 7/20/10

  1. Lovely!
    I see a sunset like that (in Austin) with camera in-hand, I am lamenting the lack of Power-line filter.

  2. If you take a piece of paper or your hand and cover up the silhouette of the trees so only the sky is showing, the curve of the orange clouds looks like a distant horizon across the ocean, with the smaller clouds like islands in the mist.

    Love it when pictures get posted here on Whatever.

  3. can we please have some star night pictures too?? please…

  4. My office faces west too. I only see the garage though. I like your view much better. Wonderful photo.

  5. I must say the views from your house are wonderful. Its nice to have something that gives you a small dose of joy in both unexpected and expected moments.

  6. so the persident of sfwa has his own west wing. you should get a rug with the sfwa seal on it to put on the floor of your office.

  7. We’ve had a run of very impressive sunsets here in NJ as well. Must have been some volcanoes erupting in Iowa or something.

  8. I don’t buy it. Everyone knows that the sun never sets on the Scalzi empire.

  9. Hmmm… gonna have to remember that in a few years when we go house hunting. West… facing… windows…

  10. I love my big California hills, and I love a sunset over the San Francisco Bay, but those take far more planning to see. There’s nothing quite like a big midwest sunset, though. Lovely.