Today’s Cane Shaking On the Lawn: Apps

I don’t get apps. Not as in how they work, but why, in fact, they’re called “apps.” Because you know what? They’re programs. They are compendiums of code, compiled in a manner that when you execute them in… Read More

Meanwhile, in the Land of Cats

Here’s Ghlaghghee, still mildly peeved because today she had to go to the vet to have an abscess in her mouth looked at. As some of you may remember, Ghlaghghee has had a bout with Feline Eosinophilic Granuloma… Read More

Also, Holy Crap, Harvey Pekar’s Dead

And has been so for ten days. How the hell did I miss that one? Oh, right, I was traveling and not actually following the news for several days. Still, very sad. Here’s how I found out he… Read More

Sherrod and Breitbart

Wow, the Shirley Sherrod thing. With the exception of Sherrod herself, and the farmers she had helped, and who went on television to defend her character, it was pretty much a race to see who could possibly be… Read More

And Now, Some Complete Randomness

Because that’s what the Internet is for, and because it’s that kind of day.

Thinking (in Type) About Buzz, Inception and Predators

Yes, my SEO-optimized headline says it all: Over at FilmCritic.com this week, I’m having deep thinkery about each of those things, plus also The Book of Eli. Do you remember The Book of Eli? Nor I. And yet:… Read More

Sunset, 7/20/10

Here’s my secret: My office has a west-facing window, which makes it easy to see whether I need to grab my camera on any particular evening. Tonight: Yes, camera.

Reminder: Vote for the Hugos

The final day for voting for the Hugos is less than two weeks away now (it is in fact the final day of the month), so this is my own self-interested reminder for you to vote if you… Read More

“The President’s Brain is Missing” Live at Tor.com; “After the Coup” Live at eBookstores

Tor.com is celebrating its second birthday today — it’s the second most important thing that’s ever happened on July 20 — and to celebrate, it commissioned from me a new short story. This makes some sense as the… Read More

The Big Idea: Anne Zouroudi

Anne Zouroudi is in love with Greece — which is not entirely surprising, as many people over the years have be smitten by that Mediterranean land. But unlike most people, who are simply content to enjoy the sun… Read More

From the “Disgusting Yet Fascinating” Drawer

Apparently, Japanese beetles love the smell of citronella candles. They love it so much that they’ll come and land on the candles just to be close to the smell. Whereupon the candle, made all squooshy by the 90+… Read More

Wireless Giveaway: Act Quickly! (UPDATE: All Gone!)

Update: 12:03pm: All the copies are claimed! Told you that you had to be quick. Look! Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer is back with another book to give away! Let’s all lean in close and hear what he… Read More


No, not ours. It’s our neighbor’s puppy, come for a visit. Which made Krissy happy.

Kodi Addendum

A couple of quick notes: First, and of course, many thanks to everyone who passed along their condolences, prayers and good thoughts to us. It’s been a sad couple of days around the Scalzi Compound, and your notes… Read More

Kodi, 1997 – 2010

In 1998, Krissy decided that we should have a dog. This precipitated a philosophical discussion between the two of us as to what constituted a “dog.” Krissy, whose family had had a number of smaller dogs over the… Read More

Where I Have Been, Revealed

I was in Boston. So if you were one of the ones who guessed Boston in the previous entry, pat yourselves on the back. Those of you who guessed Washington DC, well, I did have connecting flights through… Read More

Where Have I Been

You might have noticed that I’ve not been very much here in the last week. Well, that’s because I’ve been somewhere else. And to give you a clue of where I’ve been since Monday, here are three pictures:… Read More

Away From the Keyboard (Again!)

It’s not that I don’t love you all, you know. It’s just that I’m doing things. And stuff. And you know how that can be. Anyway. More on what I’ve been up to tomorrow.

It’s Not Dreamscape

This week’s FilmCritic.com column looks at the upcoming Christopher Nolan film Inception and explains why, even though the new film has several basic plot similarities for 1984’s Dreamscape, it’s not just the same film in new clothing —… Read More

How to Read My New Short Story a Week Early

So, while you weren’t looking, I wrote some new fiction — a short story. And I sold it to Tor.com, who will post it next week to celebrate its second year of existence. But if you just can’t… Read More