The Big Idea: Alethea Kontis

It’s my opinion that any sort of book can have a Big Idea behind it, and when I say “any sort of book” I really mean “any sort of book.” And to prove this point, here’s Alethea Kontis,… Read More

Away From the Keyboard, 7/12/10

HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE?!? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Try to, though. I don’t want the cessation of your existence on my conscience. See you later.

I Have No Time to Play Today, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat and Some Books

Because, let’s be honest. That’s what you show up for, anyway.

Various and Sundry, 7/10/10

Stuff here and there: * Apropos to an earlier discussion here about when it was ever a fine time to be a full-time science fiction writer, here’s Robert Silverberg to drop a little perspective on who was able… Read More

SFWA and Night Shade Books

A notice for SFWA members and others interested: SFWA has taken action regarding the recent events involving Night Shade Books, and the announcement of that is at the SFWA Blog.

Another Typical Day at the Scalzi Compound

I’m just saying. And here’s the reverse angle: Yes, I know. Boring. Seriously, sometimes I wonder why I drag out the camera at all. But I just can’t help myself.

My Latest Thing

I have a stated goal for my summer of losing roughly 20 pounds — going from a flabtastic 180 to a pants-fittable 160 — and aside no longer permanently wearing a feedbag filled with Reese’s Pieces, here’s another… Read More

The Big Idea: Karen Lord

Sometimes in writing, who you make your protagonist, and the qualities that person possesses,  makes all the difference for the story you want to tell. When it came time for Karen Lord to tell the story in Redemption… Read More

Today’s Small Thing Which Brought Me Such Joy

Gaze in wonder, O dear readers, at the burst pipe in my basement. This pipe burst some indefinite time ago, thanks to water freezing inside of it. We would have noticed it earlier, except that the pipe leads… Read More

For When You Want to Send an E-Mail to the SFWA President

I’ve been President of SFWA for about a week now, which is enough time to know that folks appear to want to talk to me in my capacity as President of SFWA. If you are one of those… Read More

SciFi 70s Flashback!

Hey, remember how a few weeks ago I did that FilmCritic.com column on 1980s science fiction films ripe for the remaking? Well, I’m doing it again — except this time, it’s 70s science fiction films up for the… Read More

Hey, John, What Does the Front of Your House Look Like At the Moment?

It’s funny you should ask. It looks like this: It looks that way because as part of the 2010 Spend Money On The House Initiative, we’re redoing the landscaping around the house, and before you can put the… Read More

The Big Idea: Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn is best known in many circles for her New York Times best selling paranormal series featuring a werewolf named Kitty, but as with many authors every once in a while she likes to wander away from… Read More

Mary Robinette Kowal Sneaks You a Peek at Her Debut Novel

My friend and SFWA running mate (and now VP) Mary Robinette Kowal is getting some great reviews for her debut novel Shades of Milk and Honey (“the grace of Sense and Sensibility, a touch of classic fairy tale… Read More

“Judge Sn” Review at San Francisco Book Review

Oh, hey, this is nice: A review of “Judge Sn Goes Golfing,” by the San Francisco Book Review. Pro reviews of short story chapbooks are fairly rare, so I’m glad the Review made the effort. And it’s a… Read More

July 4th at the Scalzi Compound: A Visual Guide

Because I know you were wondering how we spent it. Hope your Fourth of July was equally explodery.

Status Check, Re: USA

The 234th birthday of the United States of America is a fine time to check in with one’s self about how one feels about being a citizen of this country, so today’s question: Am I proud to be… Read More

Just Arrived 7/3/10

Because books are love (except any books titled “I Hate Love.” But screw those). * The Dervish House, by Ian McDonald (Pyr): Having traveled to future India and Brazil, McDonald now turns his attention to a near-future Turkey… Read More

To the Anonymous Person Who Just Sent Me That Thing

You are awesome. Thank you. That is all.

The Dark Object Has Arrived

I fear its inky nature. I paid extra for the wireless capability SO I COULD HIDE IT IN THE BASEMENT, away from all good society.