The Rumpus (“Busting at Its Seams” edition)

Since Scalzi kind of teed it up for me in his “Meet the Guest Bloggers” post by mentioning (and saying kind words about) the monthly-ish email he gets from me that’s filled with music recommendations, I have chosen… Read More

Subterranean Press Movin’ Out Ebay Auctions

Bill Schafer over at Subterranean Press is moving into a larger warehouse and office space.  He would love it if you would help lighten the moving truck. So in what you could call a win-win scenario, he’s put up a bunch of stock… Read More

A Celebration of Heinlein: A Tor.com Blog Symposium

In anticipation of the new Tor Books release,  Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve, the good people over at Tor.com have put together a fantastic, online blog symposium. Longtime fans, readers and writers, these esteemed contributors celebrate one of… Read More

Ten Great Directors Who Flopped in Sci-Fi

It’s Wednesday again! Time to drop whatever you are doing and head to filmcritic.com for John’s latest column. John explores the topic of celebrated and renowned directors who couldn’t quite transition into SF despite  success with  films outside… Read More