Inception Parodies

You knew they were coming:

Both were recommended by fellow writer and snarkmeister G. L. Valentine, whom you can usually find over at dissecting the latest films for “what the hell were they thinking?” purposes. (But she actually liked Inception.) She also blogs about fashion.

BTW, there are at least half a dozen parodies of Inception that are about conception, over at YouTube. All of them are kinda terrible. (And several are NSFW.) Seriously, guys, if it doesn’t take much effort to think up, is it even worth doing? ::sigh::

9 Comments on “Inception Parodies

  1. The Dora one is great.
    And thank you Irene for the Catception link. I LOL’d

  2. Please, please tell me that there isn’t a real Dora film being made. Please?