Book tours are like time travel

I have decided that book tours are a lot like time travel. Let me explain.  I left Portland last week and the weather was cool and springlike. I arrived in NYC which was firmly in the grips of… Read More

Happy Caturday

It’s been ages since anyone has posted any cat pictures around these parts, so I stole this from John’s super sekrit stash. You’re welcome. How do you hope to spend your Caturday?

Inception Parodies

You knew they were coming: Both were recommended by fellow writer and snarkmeister G. L. Valentine, whom you can usually find over at Tor.com dissecting the latest films for “what the hell were they thinking?” purposes. (But she… Read More

Don’t Stop Believing for About Forty Minutes

Are you tired of all those super peppy pop stars and their toe-tapping Top 40 hits? Or are you that obsessed with the likes of J. Biebz that you wish the fever could last forever? Well, with song… Read More

Meet the Winners of the Wheaton/Scalzi Fanfic Contest!

John sez: There are two winners of the Wheaton/Scalzi fanfic contest: Bernadette Durbin: “Bedtime Story” Scott Mattes: “Vintarini’s Peak” The Jury of Awesomeness™ picked them both because we couldn’t decide between them, and then thought, “why decide?” Because,… Read More

Unicorn Pegasus Kitten Update

John wanted me to mention that the winners of the fanfic contest have been chosen and are in the process of being told. Once they are notified, we’ll happily post the results for all to see.

Reading tonight in NYC

I would probably be remiss to point out that I’ll be reading at the KGB Fantastic Fiction Series in NYC tonight with the wonderful Laura Anne Gilman. 7pm KGB Bar on 85th East 4th Street, Please come! Did… Read More

The Dollar Value of Nerd Love

In an opening weekend reminiscent of the cliques within my high school walls, the jocks bullied the nerds while pretty women watched. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ultimately whimpered into fifth place behind The Expendables, Eat Pray Love,… Read More

What He Said.

I’d been struggling to come up with something to say about the Park 51/”Ground Zero Mosque” affair that would not start with a profanity and devolve from there into frothing monosyllabic incoherency, but China Mieville beat me to… Read More

My Monday

So, what did you do yesterday? I spent a good portion of my afternoon at LAX in Los Angeles, waiting for a plane to arrive. I know Whatever readers like photographs, so I shot a few for you… Read More

The Big Idea: Anthony Huso

Suffering: Sure, it’s a pain in the ass, but does it make for good art? And more to the point, if you make your characters suffer (which is objectively at least more comfortable than having yourself suffer), will… Read More

…I got nothin’.

Photographed on the Lower East Side, near the Delancey Street F station: So… yeah. I guess we can consider this an open thread.

The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

(If you haven’t seen it already, that is.) You can either watch it here on the Whatever, or click on the video for higher resolution and explanation. I stumbled upon it during lunch and have watched it a… Read More

Exciting News for Bryan Fuller Fans: Scripting a Pilot for SyFy

The news apparently broke last Thursday, but it only just came to my attention this morning that Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me fame has signed on to write the pilot episode of what could… Read More

Now Have Another

Submitted for your approval : My camera is old, and one of the first things on my “stuff to buy when I next have a windfall” list is a digital SLR. But the old clunker still manages to… Read More

Things Weren’t Really That Different When I Was A Kid

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved going to the movies. The first film that I remember was ET at a now defunct drive-in. (Damn, I really miss those.) Then multiplexes were popping up everywhere. While… Read More

Dormouse, Dormice

Strangest factoid learned today: Elizabethans induced sleep with Dormouse fat. Discuss.

Here, have a sky

Not the view from my new apartment, and not even today. This was taken from my old apartment’s balcony, last month sometime. Posting because the last 2 weeks have been unusually hazy and dreary, and generally poor photo-taking… Read More

I Heart Scott Pilgrim

As I sit down to write these words, I just got home from an advance screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Given that Scott Pilgrim is a) a movie, b) based on a comic I love by… Read More

Oh, peaches! Oh, woe!

Let me talk to you about peaches. See, I grew up in North Carolina and every summer we’d drive to TN to visit my grandmothers with occasional visits to Georgia.  In the summer, the peaches were cheap and… Read More