The Scalzi Family Mutual Portraiture Club

Athena, by me: Me, by Athena: Yup, that’s us.

New Rule For the Internets, Six-Figure Income Division

It is: 1. If you make a six-figure income, you are not allowed to argue on the Internets that you are poor. 2. You are not allowed to argue that you feel poor, which as we all know… Read More

The (Relative) Peace of OH-8

Election years are obnoxious times, with obnoxious people doing obnoxious things in order to get elected, but this year, at least, it’s a by-election year, which means that here in the 8th Congressional District of Ohio, things are… Read More

Athena Dabbles in the World of Comics

The scanner trimmed slightly at the bottom and to the right, but I think you can probably read it. And, it’s not an inaccurate assessment of current technology, which is even better. What kinda surprised me? That she… Read More

Clash of the Geeks Updatery, 9/24/10

Some news for you about Clash of the Geeks: 1. First, so far we’ve raised roughly $12,500 for the Michigan/Indiana affliate of the Lupus Alliance of America. That is an awesome figure. You are awesome people. Thank you…. Read More