14 thoughts on “Your Saturday Placeholder Entry

  1. A) I LOVE Ben Folds.
    B) He made that Shatner CD so much better than it has any right of actually being. There are a few honestly decent tracks on it, Common People being one of them…

  2. Having somehow missed that song in the ’90s, I viewed both versions here for the first time. Something I never thought I’d say about a musical recording involving William Shatner: his version hits harder than the original.

  3. I’ve watched this like ten times. There’s a violinist in the background, but I can’t hear him on the track. Am I insane? I can *see* the notes he’s playing, but they’re not there. Subliminal violin? Help!

  4. Mr. Scalzi:

    Thanks for posting my video, I’m glad it still causes people to giggle. I was wondering what caused the sudden spike in views… turns out it was this blog.

    Thanks again!

  5. It’s weird, I always had an idea of doing videos to Shatner’s album using TAS footage, but I didn’t think it’d wind up being a Kirk/Spock video. The romance was supposed to be with either Uhura or that cat lady, I forget her name (M’hress? or something). But when assembling the video the bit where Spock’s eye glances at Kirk *just happened* to be sitting right at that lyric… and I knew what I had to do.

    I might still do “Ideal Woman” though, you never know. Thanks again!

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