Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

The Damage

One of coincidentally-named Bradford Pears just got its branches handed to it by the windstorm. This was the same tree previously ravaged by the remains of Hurricane Ike when it blew through a couple of years ago, so this is not an entirely surprising turn of events. Even so, a little sad (and annoying, as the broken branches are currently lying across our driveway).

Fortunately at the point there is no other damage to report and it looks as if the worst of the wind storm has moved east of us now. We still have a tornado watch in effect, however, so I’ll be keeping alert until it’s over. If you’re east of me in Ohio and other midwest-y states, be aware it’s on its way and it’s nasty. Be safe.

Hey, You Know What’s Really Scary?

UPDATE, 11:30am: Looks like the column has been taken down at least temporarily. I’ll let you know when/if it goes back up today.

My Filmcritic.com column is up a day early this week — don’t ask me, I just file the things, they decide when to post them — and this week I’m looking at what scares me, existentially speaking, and which films in science fiction have that thing. You know, tied into that Halloween thing all the kids seem to love so much these days. Anyway, it’s my first Filmcritic column in which I namecheck Rene Descartes, so you know you want to get in on that action. As always, feel free to leave comments/thoughts/rants over there.