15 thoughts on “A Touch of Color

  1. Somehow “PERFECTING MY WARRIOR ROBOT RACE” gets less… intimidating… with a sunset shot under it. Oh, I get you, you’re the beneficent world leader. Right. Gotcha.

  2. What does the HTML tag “acronym title” mean? It’s like a button that says “don’t touch this!” and now I’m compelled to try…

  3. Monochromatic? You folks do realize the old theme was just white right? This new theme is running over with color in comparison.

    Oh look Sunset! Pretty.

  4. Lived in the Midwest* in the late 1970’s and recall that I saw the prettiest sunsets ever in that part of the country. Watching a big thunderstorm roll in was pretty awesome, too ;)

    *(northern Ford Co., Illinois. about 30 mi SW of Kankakee)

  5. @Cassie: “acronym title” denote an acronym, and you can put the full meaning between the quotes. For example, hopefully below you can hover over the acronym and see the title text.


    The tag is actually just “acronym”. Title is an attribute that displays when you hover over the element.

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