It’s 9PM on Friday Night, Time for a Cat Video

What’s eerie about it is how, save for the accent, this cat could be me when I am frustrated by my technology.

Daisy, Drowsy

For the folks who are saying to themselves “it’s been two days and no new pictures of Daisy,” you can reset your clocks: Here she is via one of the faux-retro cameras that are all the rage on… Read More

My Personal World Fantasy Schedule

It is: Saturday, October 30, 9 – 10am: SFWA Business Meeting Yup, that’s it. I have no other programming other than that. Why? Because with the exception of Worldcon and Phoenix Comic Con, this is the year I… Read More

Reminder: SFWA Business Meeting at World Fantasy

Allow me to put on my SFWA presidential hat here (it’s a beanie!) and speak to those active members of SFWA reading this blog who will also be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus: 1. Our annual… Read More

The Big Idea: Helen Lowe

Stories have their protagonists and their antagonists — their “good guys” and “bad guys” — but in practical terms, what’s often the difference between the two sides? This is a question Helen Lowe asked herself, leading up to… Read More

And Now Some Meta

Folks here and elsewhere have asked or speculated on the roots of my “Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today” piece on Monday. The fact is that I don’t have any particular reason for having written it… Read More

And Just How Is the New Pup?

She’s not unwell, thanks for asking. By and large Daisy seems to be getting the hang of the Scalzi family, although there’s still work to be done on the “cats are not for eating” score. She’s very attuned… Read More

Science Fictional Dogs

In honor of the new pup, this week at Filmcritic.com I’m talking about dogs and the essential role they play in science fiction film. What, you don’t think they’re essential? Shame on you. How can you say that… Read More

You Look Like You Could Use a Sunset

There you go. No charge!

Just Arrived, 10/19/10

Mmmm… more books in the mail. What’s up today: * The Broken Kingdoms, N.K. Jemisin (Orbit): You’ll recall that N.K. Jemisin was a recent guest poster here, but rather more importantly, she writes pretty damn awesome fantasy novels,… Read More

The Big Idea: Jackie Morse Kessler

Here’s a question for you: How can a book take both ten years — and only four weeks — to write? The answer lies in Hunger, the latest novel by Jackie Morse Kessler. Turns out there’s more to… Read More

Narrative Usurpation; Quick Thoughts On the Previous Post

First, please to enjoy the new t-shirt: The statement will be familiar to this year’s class at Viable Paradise. For the rest of you, it relates to characters who show up in a story and are so entertaining… Read More

Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today

Today I don’t have to think about those who hear “terrorist” when I speak my faith. Today I don’t have to think about men who don’t believe no means no. Today I don’t have to think about how… Read More

What I’ve Been Reduced To

My beloved 24-inch monstrosity of a monitor just experienced fatal explodination — I was sitting here reading something when it suddenly flickered, offered up a load pop and then went dead with only the alarming smell of ozone… Read More

There is No Coke Zero in the House, But There is One of These

No, I have no idea how it snuck in. But clearly it is there to screw with my mental feng shui. Stupid Pepsi ninjas.

Daisy Sits For a Formal Portrait

Sit, Daisy! Sit! Good dog.

Meet Daisy

What we did with our Saturday: We went and got ourselves a new dog. Her name is Daisy, she’s a two-year-old laborador-mastiff  mix, and we got her through a local rescue service. Her previous owners were no longer… Read More

Procedural Note Re: The Big Idea

This post is specifically for authors/editors/publicists who have submitted Big Idea requests for November/December: I’m currently looking at and scheduling the latest batch of requests and should send you information by Tuesday. So don’t panic! Thank you.

The Big Idea: Graham Hancock

It’s probably inaccurate to call the writing of fiction “restful” (says the man currently trying to write a new novel), but can it offer a respite? From Graham Hancock, it just may. Hancock is best known as a… Read More

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