Just Arrived, 10/14/10

All this talk of electronic books today makes me want to tell you about the physical books which have arrived at my house in the last week. And here we go: * The Wonderful Future That Never Was,… Read More

Reading Electronically: A Review

A few months ago I was given a Nook by a friend, who thought it would be something I could use. I appreciated the gesture; I wasn’t going to go out of my way to buy a dedicated… Read More

Shorts and Singles

I’ve been asked if I have any thoughts about the newly announced “Kindle Singles” thing from Amazon. The idea would be to publish shorter works via Amazon — 10k to 30k words is the range I hear batted… Read More

Some Whatever Stats Geekery For You

I’ve had a couple questions recently about stats, as in, how many people visit daily and where they come from and so on. It’s been a while since I did a public airing of statistics, so here’s what… Read More

Lopsided Cat Wishes You to Know He Finds the New Chair Marginally Acceptable

I mean, no, it’s not a bed made from the entrails of all the rodents he’s disemboweled over the years, but then, what is? Well, except for the rodent entrail bed I made for him last Christmas. But… Read More

Harry Potter Gets Flattened

Over at Filmcritic.com this week I talk about Warner Bros.’ decision not to release the next Harry Potter film in 3D — and why it’s probably the smartest thing they could do for the film. Check out my… Read More

Book Covers From Distant Lands

Hey, wanna see some of my book covers from Romania and South Korea? Sure you do: The one on the left is the Romanian version of Old Man’s War, which took a long and arduous path to publication… Read More

On Where to Send Me E-Mail

Folks: Yesterday’s short outage notwithstanding, if you want to send me an e-mail and you want me to actually see it, the very best place to send it is to my “john@scalzi.com” address and not to any other… Read More

METAtropolis Out in Germany + Sequel News!

If you happen to be in Germany, or, really, any German-speaking country, today is the release date of the German version of METAtropolis. Look how bright and shiny it is! You just want to go up to it… Read More

The Big Idea: Matthew J. Kirby

When in doubt, simplify. This is a piece of advice that has general application but particularly works for writers, who can get lost in the thickets of their own words and ideas. Just ask Matthew J. Kirby, whose… Read More

You Say You’d Like Some More Music? Well, Fine

Somewhere along the way I became a The Academy Is… fan, mostly because I like me some power-pop cake with emo sprinkles, and that’s what the band serves up. Here, have some. That’s off the band’s Lost In… Read More

E-Mail Glitchination

My primary mail account seems not to be accepting incoming e-mail and has not been for the last 90 minutes or so, so if you sent me mail in that time I haven’t gotten it. I’m looking into… Read More

My (Unsolicited) Annual Plug for WordPress.com

As many of you know, for the last two years (the second anniversary was yesterday) Whatever has been housed not on my own Scalzi.com site, but on WordPress’ VIP platform. At the time of the switch it was… Read More

A Little Historical Perspective

Ten years and one week ago, I was mulling writing a second novel, the one which would eventually become Old Man’s War. I think it might be useful for folks to see now what I was thinking then,… Read More

New Office Chair

Just picked up: The new guest chair plus side table for the office: The chair is deeply comfortable, I have to say. As in, when you sit in it you have roll to save against catnapping. I mean,… Read More

Viable Paradise 14

As earlier noted, the reason I wasn’t here much in the last week was because I was at the Viable Paradise writing workshop, at which I and other science fiction pros offered advice and information to newer writers…. Read More

A Visual Representation of My Literary Workshop Critique Style

Yup, that’s about right. In other news, I am now back at home. I’m going to spend it catching up with family. See you tomorrow.

Heading Home

I’m off to Ohio after a week at Viable Paradise. What a lovely time. But it will be nice to be home. I’ll ping you again on the other side.

Yes, I Know I’m on Google Quote of the Day

You don’t have to send me an e-mail/Tweet/Facebook note about it. Thank you, though. For those of you who lack context, the quote is from Old Man’s War, and John Perry talking about his marriage. It’s not a… Read More

The Big Idea: Paul Crilley

The Big Idea series here is predicated on the idea that one big concept can motivate the creation of art, but saying this doesn’t discount the idea that authors can want or desire to accomplish a number of… Read More