Dear Barnes & Noble: Crap is Cluttering Up Your Author Searches

Received an alarmed e-mail today from a reader, who was concerned that when you type the word “Scalzi” into the search function at Barnesandnoble.com, the first several listings are for shabby-looking books that appear to be illegal compilations… Read More

(New) New Theme Notes

As threatened, I changed the theme I’m using for Whatever (this one is called “Fusion“) and then fiddled with it to get it to my liking. It is largely there at the moment — I like what I’m… Read More

Awesome Scenes Are Not Enough

Hey, remember that awesome lightsaber duel in The Phantom Menace? And remember how you thought, “Man, this is so cool that I wish the rest of the film had been this cool too?” So do I, my friend…. Read More

Election Thoughts, 2010

Because I busied myself with revamping the site last night, I went to sleep blissfully unaware of the election results, and then woke up, refreshed, to deal with what went down. Here are some early thoughts. * It’s… Read More