Two More Countries Heard From

It’s a good month for The Ghost Brigades: Here you see its Hebrew and Romanian versions, respectively. Both are fairly interesting cover treatments, I have to say. In other news, I agreed to new foreign language offers for… Read More

That’s My Kid

My daughter had to serve detention today. Her crime: Being sarcastic to a teacher. This is, you can imagine, a bittersweet moment for me.

MFA Programs and Commercial Publishing

Elise Blackwell, author and director of the MFA program at the University of South Carolina, offers in The Chronicle of Higher Education a rebuttal to my suggestion that MFA writing programs offer a course on contracts and the… Read More

Not Quite Accurate SF Movie Descriptions; Favorite Video Games

I’ve got two — two — TWO!! links for you this morning. First, over at FilmCritic.com I’ve written up some “accurate but misleading” descriptions of famous science fiction films, inspired by Rick Polito’s famous TV listing of The… Read More