10 thoughts on “Adventures in High Contrast Black and White

  1. Hm, it looked at first like watching Encounters, then Cujo, followed by (the original) Children of the Corn followed by a new Avatar movie. Cool.

  2. How did the subject of pic #1 like detention? I have yet to experience the joy of my child going there. It’s where I spent most of 8th grade for major league slacking.

  3. Oh, Photoshop, yes. I thought maybe you used Kodalith, like a real … never mind.

    Jack Tingle


  4. In that last photograph Krissy (at least I’m assuming it is Krissy….) looks like she might soon shoot lasers from her eyes …

  5. I hadn’t realised how much Athena looked like Krissy until I saw the top picture, I always thought she was your mini-me!

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