And Now, A Video Interview

Oh, hey, look: Pajamas Media has put onto YouTube an Interview I did last year with Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit, as if you didn’t know), talking about the blogging, writing science fiction and other assorted topics. Got 20… Read More

Another Chance at a Fuzzy Nation ARC

Hey folks: Wanted a chance at that Fuzzy Nation ARC I offered up but forgot to enter in time? Or have a suspicion that your explanation as to why you deserve that ARC will not make the final… Read More

Meta Cat is Meta

Alternately, Pensive Cat is Pensive, squared. Here’s a closer look at the picture in the Photoshop window, if that’s something you need for your day. Yes, fan club members. I’m looking at you. Update, 4:05pm: Recursive Cat is… Read More

A Bitter November

Me (going into the kitchen and finding someone going through the fridge): Who’s there? Strange Yet Oddly Familiar Person: It’s me, you idiot. Me (peering to get a better look): … November? Is that you? What are you… Read More

Fuzzy Nation Contest Update

Thanks to everyone who entered; I got over 200 entries, which is very cool. Now I will read through the entries and confer with the rest of my jury as to who wins. It might take a day… Read More