In Which I Now Reveal a Secret

In e-mail, a request: Share something with us that you’ve never shared here before. Well, see. Typically if I’m not sharing something, it’s because I have a reason for not sharing it, like: I signed an NDA. Or:… Read More

The Office Tour

As most of you know, this year my office got a fairly substantial overhaul as I cleared out the previous particle board desk and shelves, put down a wood floor, and had new custom cabinetry installed. I’ve displayed… Read More

A Girl and Her Dog

Thankfully not a sequel to any Harlan Ellison short story you might care to name.

Comments Are a Lot of Work

This weekend Tobias Buckell announced on his blog that he’s going to try an experiment: For the next couple of months (at least), he’s turning off the commenting on his blog. He has a number of reasons for… Read More

Next Year in Toronto

It’s been officially announced, so I can now announce it here: I’m going to be the International Author Guest of Honor for the 2011 edition of SFContario, Canada’s newest science fiction convention (it just wrapped up its first… Read More

The Executive Decision to Run Away From the Blog Until Monday

I has made it. But I am leaving you with a cat picture, so that’s all right: There you go. Have a good weekend.

Adventures in High Contrast Black and White

Photoshop is interesting.

Surprise! It’s Open Pimp Thread Time!

Someone recently asked me on Twitter when I was going to do an Open Pimp Thread again, because it’s been a while. I told him “NEVER.” Why did I do that? To lull him into a false sense… Read More

Two More Countries Heard From

It’s a good month for The Ghost Brigades: Here you see its Hebrew and Romanian versions, respectively. Both are fairly interesting cover treatments, I have to say. In other news, I agreed to new foreign language offers for… Read More

That’s My Kid

My daughter had to serve detention today. Her crime: Being sarcastic to a teacher. This is, you can imagine, a bittersweet moment for me.

MFA Programs and Commercial Publishing

Elise Blackwell, author and director of the MFA program at the University of South Carolina, offers in The Chronicle of Higher Education a rebuttal to my suggestion that MFA writing programs offer a course on contracts and the… Read More

Not Quite Accurate SF Movie Descriptions; Favorite Video Games

I’ve got two — two — TWO!! links for you this morning. First, over at FilmCritic.com I’ve written up some “accurate but misleading” descriptions of famous science fiction films, inspired by Rick Polito’s famous TV listing of The… Read More

Backscattering and Groping

Been asked for my opinion on the new and egregiously invasive TSA scans. Well, I think two separate things. One: On a personal level, I don’t really give a crap about whether the full-body backscatter thingamajig makes me… Read More

METAtropolis: Cascadia is Out

For those of you who enjoyed METAtropolis — and enough of you did that it became the first audiobook nominated for a Hugo — I’m delighted to inform you that today its sequel METAtropolis Cascadia is out and… Read More

Nebula Award Nomination Period is Open

If you’re an active or associate SFWA member, it will interest you to know that it is now once again time to start nominating your favorite science fiction and fantasy works for the Nebula Awards. Over at the… Read More

My Favorite Negative Review of The God Engines (Today)

It is: This book is something that only a 17 year old Megadeth fan would be proud of. The characters are dull, the plot is dull, the themes are trite and stupid, and it has the worst third… Read More

An Open Letter to MFA Writing Programs (and Their Students)

Dear MFA writing programs (and their students): Recently New York magazine published a story, in which Columbia University’s graduate writing program invited James Frey to come chat with its students on the subject of “Can Truth Be Told?”… Read More

How I Solved the Deficit

The New York Times has an interactive feature today that lets common ordinary folk just like you and me take a whack at solving the deficit issue, giving you two goals to hit: Clearing the projected deficit in… Read More

The Man in the Frey Flannel Suit

Folks from all over are sending along e-mails asking me what I think of this story in New York magazine about author James Frey’s book packaging shop, in which Frey trolls classrooms full of impressionable MFA candidates and/or… Read More

How To Get Signed Books From Me For the Holidays

Hey! Kids! In the United States and thinking of giving some of my books for Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice/Enter Your Favorite Winter Holiday Here? Well, why not get them signed and personalized? By me, even? Because, you know, nothing says… Read More