The King Reclaims His Throne

Back when Kodi was the canine citizen of the house, Zeus had a pronounced tendency to take over the dog bed, partly because it pleased Zeus to appropriate the dog’s property, as if to say hah! to the… Read More

ScalziCast 12/14/10

A spontaneous podcast, in which I answer questions about other authors, pizza, the 2012 presidential campaign, who in history I would fight, whether Seanan McGuire can have a cookie and other questions. Roughly 27 minutes (it was almost… Read More

This One Goes Out to Everyone Following Me on the RSS Feed

Just a quick reminder that I have a trio of helpful holiday threads for you on the site: 1. A book thread, where authors are telling you about their books in the bookstores; 2. An everything else thread:… Read More

Perhaps a Little Too Wrapped Up in Work

I swear to God this is true: Last night I was having a dream. The details of the dream aren’t particularly important; what is important is that in the middle of the dream it stopped. And this happened:… Read More