Zoe, In Japanese Form

Japan’s been a very good market for me, both in sales and in attention (I won the Seiun Award this year for best translated novel, for The Last Colony), so it’s nice to see Zoe’s Tale out there… Read More

A Relevant Issue With Cloud Computers

Cory Doctorow points it out in a tweet: A cloud computer is just like a regular computer, except you have to ask permission from the phone company every time you use it. And this is why even though… Read More

Taxes and Obama

I mentioned that I wanted to hold off commenting on the tax legislation deal agreed to by Obama and the GOP until after it passed. Well, it passed and Obama’s going to sign it into law later today…. Read More

Stargate: Universe Cancellation Followup

So, to answer some of the questions and comments I’ve seen here and various other places. Bear in mind I’m speaking for me and only for me. Why was the show canceled? I’m not privy to the inner… Read More