To Avoid the Inevitable Onslaught of People Sending it To Me

Yes, I’ve seen this: Thoughts: 1. Could be more tightly edited and better lit; 2. Kind of funny, but also kind of mean. And you say, but, John, you’re the one who tells teenagers their writing sucks. Well,… Read More

The Joys of Owning a Dog

Came down to the kitchen this morning and found the trash formerly in the trash can comprehensively distributed across (and into) the kitchen rug, in a manner that clearly suggests a dog working her way through the trash… Read More

Note to John Seavey

Hey, John: I did, in fact, see your blog entry called John Scalzi and the Myth of Inerrancy, which was a rebuttal on my column on The Lie of Star Wars as Entertainment. I tried to leave a… Read More

Science Fiction and Movie Studios

Today’s Filmcritic.com column is the last one of 2010, and in it I look at how well science fiction has done for the major film studios by charting how many of each studio’s domestic top ten-grossing films are… Read More