I’ll Tell You What

If nothing else, 2011 is already turning into a bumper crop year for sunsets.

Taos Toolbox Accepting Applications

Walter Jon Williams has promised to strangle to death with his bare hands anyone I choose in return for my services asked me if I would, through the goodness of my own heart, and with no other consideration… Read More

Elfman-Related Gloatination

I tweeted today that I had received a signed Danny Elfman CD in the mail today, which precipitated the usual “pics or it didn’t happen” response, so here: My signed Danny Elfman CD. CHOKE ON IT. (It’s possible… Read More

The 2011 Award Pimpage Post

It’s that time of year again in which people start thinking about nominations for the various awards available in science fiction and fantasy. If you’re one of those people, a) I think you look fantastic, and I’m not… Read More