20 thoughts on “The Thought of Stringing Words Together On a Friday Afternoon Fills Me With Inexorable Dread, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat

  1. Is there a name for that yellow-green color? A lot of cats have eyes that color. I like it, it’s very distinctive.

  2. “Hey Boss – I’m leaving. Yeah, the President made a declaration – the weekend is starting early. The President of what? Oh. Um………..”

  3. Is it something in the air? ‘Cause my brain… well, if anybody sees it, could you box it up and mail it back to me? Thanks.

    Also, that cat bears a striking resemblance to one of my own. Except for the part where he’s not meowing at ridiculously high volume for no apparent reason.

  4. I know that look. That’s the “while you’re on the floor whining about your broken leg, would you top off my food dish?” look.

    Did you ever notice that when a cat’s pupils are that narrow, they look like Hugo Awards?

  5. Yeah, go easy on the brainstem reboot. The big lumpy part that looks a bit like cauliflower can get the ol’ Ctrl-Alt-Del any old time, but you want to be careful about the lizard brain portion of the show…

  6. You are obviously suffering the aftereffects of a Boomer attack. Quick, fight off the Zombie Horde!!! You may need Athena’s assistance to repel the Special Infected…

    L4D 4ever

  7. Katie,
    We need to send out a search party for CwinC. Perhaps Daisy can pick up his scent on the last known picture he commented.

  8. I think that is a wistful look. Perhaps longing for the days when food dishes overflowed and humans were ever available for ear scratching and tummy rubs.

  9. Please don’t shut down the brain stem. It tends to take all the digesting, breathing and heart beating with it. Shut down the frontal lobe for a bit, but not the stem.

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