And Now, Something to Send You Into the Weekend

From here. Enjoy.

This is the 6,000th Post on Whatever, So Obviously We Must Have a Picture of a Cat

There, that takes care of that. I’ll note strictly as a matter of accuracy that this is merely the 6,000th entry currently posted on Whatever; the extant archive only goes back to March 2002, which means that there’s… Read More

Why 2,000 Words Works For Me

I’ve noted that I’m doing a thing where I don’t check into the Internet until I write 2,000 words on my current book project or until noon. People have asked me why the stated quota is 2,000 words…. Read More

Farhad Manjoo is Right and I Will Go to This Barricade With Him

The vile perniciousness that is the second space after a period. If you do this, you are everything that is wrong and bad in this world. That is all.

Two Quick Reminderations

They are: * I have a contest: To be featured in my book, just write a haiku. * Tor.com has a poll: The decade’s best SF/F. Make your choices here. See? Quick.